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Vanesa Galdeano and Analí Chanquía have been creating art in the public space for more than 10 years. Brought together by shared concerns for urban space and public art, they began producing work together 5 years ago. They created a unifying project called MEDIANERAS to expand and link their production, both conceptually and in scale.


Through public art, they want to alter the urban landscape and shift the way we typically perceive spaces. Fundamental to this is the need to move, tour cities and carry out their work in urban contexts around the world. So far, they have created public art together in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, Florianopolis), Argentina (Buenos Aires, Rosario), Bolivia (La Paz), Mexico (Hollbox), UK (London), Germany (Wiesbaden, Chemnitz), Austria (Vienna), Portugal (Lisbon, Covilha), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Fanzara), Thailand (Bangkok), Australia (Melbourne, Brisbane), and Canada (Vancouver).

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