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The "Uncovered" exhibition invites 14 artists from 8 different countries to reflect on our relationship to others and to ourselves, to our sensuality

and our vulnerability.


In the new normal, redefined by the current context, we must cover our faces and forget what it's like to share a smile or a kiss with each other.


We tend to lose this delicate bond that leads to sensuality and privacy, we are somehow forbidden to come together. Self-expression, flirtation, the famous "love at first sight" are complicated with all the layers we have to cover ourselves with.


How to stay in touch with our erotic side? How not to be afraid of being carnal and breaking the

rules by living in a whole new plethora of



Each in their own way, the 14 local and international artists of "

Uncovered ”exploit their sensitivity and respond sincerely and personally to these persistent questions.


And it seems that one has chosen to be certain, whether you are from France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico or

Taiwan, the new normality is full of surprises ...!.

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